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Wiebke Merck

As an Integral Master Coach™, I was certified through Integral Coaching Canada®, which is the only accredited integral coaching program in the world that surpasses Masters Level International Coach Federation requirements.

After finishing a Bachelor degree in psychology I certified with ICC in 2006. In addition to coaching and mentoring ICC students, I became the president of my own coaching company, elbe coaching and now focus exclusively on supporting individuals through their professional and life challenges.

As my clients note, my ability for analysis and deep inquiry, my intuitive acumen and my emotional intelligence have been invaluable tools in serving them on their path toward personal and/or professional transformation. My global outlook, drawing on deeply grounded life experience evenly divided between Europe and North America also add to my capacity to accompany you on your personal journey.

I have studied business in Switzerland, hold a previous Bachelor Degree in history and have worked with international business in Canada, before embarking on my life’s passion of human development. I am fluent in English and German with additional language skills in French and Spanish.

I live in Ottawa, Canada, where I have raised my two children with my husband of more than 30 years. Outside work, I most cherish spending time with family and friends. I also love reading fiction as well as exploring any other art form, be it creatively or as a spectator. Frequently immersing myself in nature is another vital piece of who I am.