Executive and Leadership Coaching

Photo of a rusty key, with a quote: Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

    • Improve staff performance
    • Build teams and leaders
    • Change my company
    • Find balance

Professional Clients

My professional clients come from many fields, Health Care, Engineering, Arts, Public Service, Law, Development Assistance and Business.

They include the CEO, who wants to be more of a catalyst to his employees, the overworked middle manager who wants to discern what is really important, to the young entrepreneur hiring their very first employee.

Coaching executive and leadership mastery involves much more than ‘mere’ technical skills, but dives into the human components and intangibles that inhabit all of us. While staying relevant to your field, we will build new muscles in all areas of your Being. They will be your tools that become the true levers for success. Following a rigorous intake assessment, a customized program with clear developmental objectives that focus on your individual coaching topic, will be proposed.

The program will typically last between three and nine months and includes self-observation exercises and practices, as well as regular one-on-one confidential conversations. Note that the practices and exercises are mostly integrated into your daily routines, with self-reflection work at the end of the day.

Personal and Life Coaching

  • Find what’s important
  • Tear down obstacles
  • Deal with change
  • Move through transitions

Private Clients

My private clients come from all walks of life, from the divorcee who has lost his footing, the mother who wants to move slowly back into the workforce, to the retiree who doesn’t know what to do with themselves. Similarly to my professional clients, after the intake session a customized coaching program will be proposed. Through self-observation, we will start examining what exactly your current way of looking at the world is.

The program will further unfold through one-on-one confidential conversations where new perspectives will be acquired and practices will support your growth and your move toward personal transformation and a new way of being.

Skype CoachingPhoto of a lighthouse on a rock shore with big waves.

Coaching can be effective without the need for face-to-face coaching sessions. Phone, email and Skype allow us to work together – no matter the distance. elbe coaching has extensive experience with long distance coaching.